Wanna see the beginnings of the Western horse doing dressage?

Cooper has had several rides with the dressage saddle now.

Work on the lunge is going OK.  The strange, jerky, stop-and-go gaits are going away a bit.  He has settled in to the work routine really well and still comes into the cross ties super happy.

Of course you want to see him.  I was lucky to have Andrea snap a few shots.

First starting out

The biggest challenge is to get him to move forward relaxed but actually forward. Well, and then the canter too. That one is still not great. On the lunge, both leads come fairly easily now.First starting out 2

Trying to decide what’s best for him. Two schools of thought. One is with transitions into canter helping to activate, and where the canter only continues for as long as it’s balanced. No rambling or scrambling, half circle or so.

The other is where the horse finds the balance during the canter. So he would be allowed to canter on, freely (not rushing) and you really ride the canter, instead of just visiting it.

Having a hard time deciding what’s best…

In a pro training barn he’d be past this stage long time ago. Stuck with me in the backyard bowl, it’s going to take a while.

He is a fun guy! See, he can bend his hocks.
First starting out 3

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