In memory of coach Randy

My coach Randy passed away this week.

Countless runners within the greater Sacramento call Randy “My Coach.”  Randy was for everyone and anyone who would share his passion for running.  As long as you were willing to show up, put in a good effort, and take responsibility for your own development, he was willing to be there, in any kind of weather, to coach, to time, to guide.

I will miss him dearly.  Never one to give up, he was beating cancer, the second time around.  Never one to give up myself, I still somehow had hope that he’d make it through.  That he’d be back with us at Ancil Hoffman park, or at the track, forever timing us in whichever devilish workout the day dished out.

Most runners are that way.  We don’t need any coddling, cajoling, big prizes, or major rewards of any kind.  Just someone there, timing each heartbreaking lap on the track. Acknowledging the effort put forth to turn the lungs inside out.  A simple – “Good Job”, the only reward.

So, we all hoped he’d be back.  High school athletes, adult athletes, masters and seniors.  We’ve all relied on his guidance for years, and to many he’s been a running friend for decades.

Golden Gate Park San Francisco RaceThis is a Horse Blog, but I still wanted to say a last goodbye to Randy here as running has been my own passion for so many years.

Sadly, a better runner than dressage rider, but still trying to combine both.

All of us have been given a gift, a talent of some sorts, no matter how humble.  Mine was the ability to run.

Middle aged, triple surgery, two kids later, I still love to do it as much as the body allows.  Next race, will be for Randy.  Go Randy!

Ancil Hoffman Race

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