Fell Pony Stallion Show

Not all horses, all the time.

Although it sure seems like it.  I promised to give an update on Hadrian, the little Fell stallion a few weeks ago.  We have now finally participated at an event at Brookside in Elk Grove with the Welsh Pony and Cobb Association.

Unfortunately I had come down with some serious bug the night before.  Feverish and barely cohesive, we still got through the day.  No pictures to show, other than a head shot of the two of us.  Hmmm, it’s not very common that the rider towers over the horse, right?

Hadrian at Brookside

In the meantime, back at the farm, everything goes on as usual. I’ve been out there, sick, every day this week. Yep, this is a very uplifting post.

Currently in the process of training Cooper’s mane to all lay on one side. Two weeks in braids usually does the trick. A few more days and we’ll see.
Braids to train the mane

If I was smart, I’d finally put my wonderful gift from my husband to use. A generous gift card to Hoshall’s. A relaxing spa day is just the ticket to recover from a cold. Instead, there’ll probably be yard work, and possibly more riding. Why do we do it this way?


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