This is going to be a better week

A bit too much of this There’s been a bit too much of this lately

11 days of being sick is enough.  No time for that.

In hopes of perhaps making it to a show this fall, the riding continues.  Although I’m not sure how we’ll ever make it off the property without a trailer.  Never one to give up, the circles go on.

Summer flies

The horses, Jaworzno and Cooper, seem to take turn having really good days, or “less than productive” days. With Jaworzno, always taking care to do a really long warmup, mainly at the walk. With Cooper, it’s the opposite, as he is just building up some stamina and I never want to overtax him. Especially not in this heat. Very happy to get to work with them both!  I hope to get to post some fun news later this fall about it all!

Also wanted to share the great news from my friend, who has just moved in at a new property in Lincoln.  Best of luck Christel!  This will be awesome!  Just look at this place!  This is Jory, a Canadian Warmblood, enjoying his new pasture.  Gorgeous!  And so green.  Can’t believe it’s Northern California.


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    1. Exotic to me, most everything else here, unless heavily irrigated, is all dried out brush. Can’t wait for the first rain in late October. Although it’s usually nothing worth calling “real rain” until late November 😉


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