Cantering green horse

Cooper canter 3

All four hooves in the air.

So he can canter.  He just feels sort of unsure about doing it with a dressage saddle, and the rider actually sitting in during the strides.

Cantering with him feels like riding a freight train.  A smallish train.  Completely board straight in all turns, it’s like being thrown off to the outside the entire time.

To find the canter a bit, we’ve cantered up a hill, and going straight across a field.  Large semi ovals around the large arena, but of course, he feels very green in the way he carries himself in the canter.  Once we actually get the canter.

After the first two weeks, rushing into the crazy gait no longer OK.  Neither is posting into the canter.  On the lunge line, he now responds really well although not consistently on the right lead, so I use the voice while asking for the canter under saddle.  It works, half of the time.

cooper canter 2

Two point helps some, so we’ve done a bit of that.  This smaller, sub par weedy arena is not the best choice for canter work.  He really does a lot better out in the larger arena, so that’s where we have worked more.

Cooper canter 1

He tries real hard to understand it all, and is very kind not to offer any naughtiness.  So far…

Hoping I can show him how to bend his body on a curved line through the lunge work.  With a working plan in place for transitioning into canter, keeping the canter, and eventually introducing half halts in canter, I’m optimistic we’ll have this sorted out in a few months.  What do you think?  Fastest way to get through this?  Would love to hear insights!

Thank you so much Christel for snapping some pictures of us!  Coming up to see you and all your horses at the new place soon!

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