Horse Happy Hour September 12


I never really looked at him.

All winter, spring, and early summer, he was just there in the pasture. A friendly guy. Without a job.  During a few midsummer weeks, I saw him out in the arena.  Pudgy.  Short steps.  Sort of sour.  Board straight, and what was up with that hind end?  Seemingly forever stopping.

In trying him a couple of times, he felt so happy to be ridden.  With no English training, he made such an effort to please.

Now, a few weeks in, he has made his mission to be the most pleasing boy ever.  Never a fight.  Always forward.

Playing with him is a treat.  He can bend just a bit, and he feels joyful.

Horse Happy Hour, is riding Cooper.

Dreaming of showing him.  He’d have to be perfect that day, to even get close to the scores of the warmbloods.  Think he can do it?

Boot polish ready to go.  I really wish we could go.  Starting to polish.


I read another fun blog called Dressyrsnack. Serious girls, doing some serious dressage showing.  While having a blast with it all!  They do the same as me, polish with the Kiwi Express Shine Sponge after regular shoe polish. Think that will get me into the show ring sooner?…

You can find their post on that topic Here.