Update on the fetlock abrasion

Close enough?

Good morning everybody!

Thank you for stopping by again. Yes, I know, that was an icky shot yesterday (Road Rash) of Cooper’s hind leg.  But really, it’s a minor injury.  Think I’ll try to lunge him today lightly to see how he moves.

Here’s a shot from yesterday, day 5.

Fetlock abrasion day 5

See, we’re on a roll.  Small scuff along the coronary band, and right on the pastern as well.  Mostly worried about some swelling still there.  Heavy on the antibiotic ointment, some more days of wrapping and this will buff right out.  Yep!

fetlock wrapped

Wonderful Dr. Jacobs from Loomis Basin Equine was out yesterday too, along with an entourage of vet students.  Nope, I didn’t show off this beautiful wrap job.  Not sure she’d be too impressed.  Sharing it here with you on the Internet is just so much more, erm, private, no?

This vet visit was for Jaworzno, to check on his eyes and do a flex test of the hocks.  There’s nothing like having the vet out to do an evaluation on your horse – suddenly he was springy, studly, and moved with a rush across the arena.  If I ever thought he had some lingering hock stiffness and pain hidden deep in there, it definitely did not come out today.  Happy with him of course!  Although he was pretty full of himself while being trotted out.

So happy with my vet!  As always, got a lot of answers to questions, and now I know just who to call to get Jaworzno to be move out a little fresh like a 10-year-old again.

Now, it’s time to get on!

After Rinsing
After Rinsing