Horse Happy Hour September 19

Horse Happy Hour With Jaworzno

How many of us are going at this whole thing alone?

Countless of adult dressage amateurs in small arenas across the country.  Across the world.  Chipping away piece by piece toward a better way of riding.  Toward a better contact, a better seat, a better transition up or down, in any gait.  That’s where it all starts, and somehow, that’s where it seems like we stay.  For a very long time.

It gets ugly sometimes.  Ragged.  And on some days we’re not even sure we’re getting any better.  Actually sure we’re not getting any better.  So, the next day, we go around again.

too far away~2~2

Creating a string of ragged little rides. That’s the problem with dressage. It simply cannot be coarse. You can feel it on top.  And if it feels as if it’s not going any better, yep, then you can be pretty sure it is not going any better.  Thankfully, there are some lessons to turn to here and there when the budget allows.

And no matter how coarse, saddle time is always Horse Happy Hour Time! At least for me.


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    It’s people like Elinor that motivate me to blog. Hopefully I can add one small detail, one small insight, one word of encouragement that allows her to know that she is not alone. My passion is helping these wonderful people that are giving it their all and more often than not, these dedicated riders that have little to no regular structured lesson programs or instructors to guide them. As Elinor graciously coined her riding time ,”happy hour” with her horse(s), I feel certain that confusion and disappointment are more apt to inspire dedicated “loners” such as Elinor to pop open their favorite bottle of wine to “unwind” and reflect on their ride instead of celebrating the bonding experience of the growth, the time with their horse(s) offered them. Although I have been afforded the luxury of riding with many great instructors, and have been a student to some of the most time honored training methods, I still am a loner too and spend over 85% of my time riding completely alone. This is my preferred way of riding . So Elinor, my friend, you are not alone! Welcome to the club of the “lone riders”! Together we can help one another get through those difficult “happy hours.” Wishing you all the best; please never hesitate to give me a shout if I can lend an ear. Congratulations on all of your hard work and your infectious dedication.

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    1. Sabrena, I am SO honored to have you here and looking at my post as a source of inspiration! Dazzling! Feeling so happy that you “get” this. The club of the Lone Riders… I like the sound of that. That’s what this is, isn’t it? A happy infatuation with chasing the indistinguishable, while enduring endless hours of solo explorations of “doing it right.” How do we ever know we’ve arrived?
      Extremely happy to have you! While nothing is set in stone just yet, I have a feeling that some news before the end of this year will have me shouting out LOUD for you to give me some advice on a new project 🙂

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