The mane is trained to lay flat!

Still celebrating the smallest successes in any training with the horses.  Got that mane to all lay on one side.  Yeah!  Dominate!  Somehow my horse grooming skills are strengthening rapidly, while the riding skills are moving more slowly forward.  Wonder why?

You can see the hideous mane training braids on Cooper here from the earlier post.

And see, now it all lays obediently on one side

Mane laying all on one side

Jaworzno cannot be shown in public this week. He’s been butchered with my tiny clippers and needs a bit of, eh, touching up, before being presentable.

On another note, I’m still so excited to have you coming in here at the blog reading.

Every time I see a new follower it is so exciting!  With so many choices on what to read, where to click, and where to spend some time, it is so nice to see you’ve chosen to come in here.  To read about the little dust bowl.

Very happy about that.

I know things will keep developing with the horses, all for the better.  Supposedly some very big news early in November.  Can’t wait to share it with you.  So much more fun this way!  As long as this blog makes me happy, I will keep writing it.  Thanks for coming!

Today was a lesson day with Cooper – tell you about it later!