Horse Happy Hour September 26

walk Happy

It’s Horse Happy Hour again.

Always trying to view any situation in the best light.
Ever since starting riding at Castle Rock Farm I’ve pretty much gone at it alone.  If you’re like me, you find something good in any predicament.

All this solo riding has brought plenty of opportunity for growth.

To a certain degree,  this chance to ride alone at the farm might have been one of the best things in terms of improving on a few things.

Of course the best results will always be had under the constant watchful eye of a qualified and supportive instructor.  But what if there’s no chance for that?  And what if riding with others has become, restricting, in some ways?

“Busy barn riding” – I’ve done it for years, and sure, it’s fun.  Not to mention much more social.  But riding alone, especially when things are going less than stellar, has turned out to be just the ticket.

Ride Happy

It’s been refreshing.  Trying things.  Taking a chance.  Risking everything getting ugly, which is OK, only the starthistle out there witnessing it all.  It also feels really good to come up with your own solutions. (Well, at least until you run out of solutions.)

So, this is a period of learning to take risks.  And enjoying not picking at mistakes.  Ignoring them.  Yes, such an incredible amount of mistakes…

Horse Happy Hour to all!

4 thoughts on “Horse Happy Hour September 26

  1. I like that Julie! To me, it helps with focus, less distraction. But I want to take MORE chances, I tend to get stuck on the same thing, forever trying to do it, but never really getting there… Self criticism can be the worst sometimes 🙂


  2. I agree! It’s good to sometimes have the space to try things and find your own way. Experiment and play with new ways of doing things. There is a lot of information out there via books and video. I’d also encourage you to take video of yourself in order to get feedback, and perhaps get a lesson once in awhile, especially if you feel stuck. Have fun with your lovely horses! If it’s not fun…what is the point?


    1. Couldn’t agree more – this should always be FUN! If not, I might as well hang up the helmet… The barn is small – I am the only riding boarder. Photo and video oops are rare. But now that summer heat is Almost over I can always try here n there to set up the phone to catch some video. It will be very educational. Thinking about getting one of those gorilla pod camera holders…


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