Quick visit to Lincoln

Summer is over.

It’s official.  So relieved!

Although it can still be clammy riding under the sun in 80° F,  – if the temperatures will only hit a maximum of 83° F (That’s 28° F for the rest of the world with a normal measuring system.) one may not complain about heat.

You’ll get yourself arrested by the local weather police then.  Just the way it is.  So, no more heat complaints on my part.  Promise.

Anyway, here’s a quick shot from my friend’s new home high up in Lincoln from my trip up there:

Lincoln Herd

She has just moved in – all 4 horses are installed, and if all goes as planned, there will be a lovely little 5th one there next summer.  So happy for her!  It’s a super cute place, there’s even a Farm Windmill!

Farm Windmill

Penryn seems “city-busy” compared to this!

3 thoughts on “Quick visit to Lincoln

  1. Thank-you for visiting us!
    And you spoke too soon. Back to the 90s this week. Looks like summer is staying a little longer. lol


    1. I know. It’s silly, really, every year I’m still surprised it’s sunscreen-dripping-off-your-eyelids-time almost all up until Halloween. Today I brought a long-sleeved T to the barn just in protest. Well, not that I wore it. But still 🙂


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