Brenda’s Tack Warehouse – what a gem!

Outside Brenda's Tack

Behind the brick wall, tack treasures await!

My first visit to this store.  It’s in Woodland after all and a bit of a drive.  It won’t be my last!  A nice surprise with such a large selection of English tack and rider wear.

The sale last weekend was fantastic!

The store was hoppin’!  With a lot of the items on sale for anywhere between 20-50%, I wasn’t the only one there.  A great place to wander around!

Entering the Tack Warehouse

I came in for a pair of breeches, a belt, and a show bow.  Perhaps an affordable whip in just the right length, weight, balance and with some swing to it.  Already have 5 other little whippersnappers, so any new addition would have to be just right.

And sure enough – it was all there.  And more.  So much more.  All except the right belt – they had been picked over by the time I shopped.

Fits Breeches

Came home with 2 new Polo shirts, waterproof, lined, riding gloves for crippled little winter fingers, 1 pair of full seat breeches, show bow, snappy whip, and an eye ointment.  Had to stop there, since this is Dressage On a Dime.  Reluctantly let go of the Goode Rider Perfect Fit breeches in tan, stopped fiddling with a frilly show shirt, stepped away from the beautiful helmets with bling.

Shop Happy

Total damage for the whole shopping trip:  less than a pair of good quality full seat breeches, with tax.

Brenda, I’m not done with you!

Already know I need a new fly mask.  Perhaps I should go back?!  Maybe somebody needs to be picked up by the airport?  It’s sort of on the way…

Tack Warehouse Price Tag

8 thoughts on “Brenda’s Tack Warehouse – what a gem!

    1. You have a really fun store! Thank you so much for checking in here 🙂 I’ve got all of the stuff I bought in circulation already. We’ll – except the white breeches, they’re for next weekend… 🙂


    1. Yes, isn’t it a great little gem?! Worth the trip over there if you’re ever in the neighborhood. Thank you for the nice comment on my pictures! I just get by with my regular camera phone – so the blog is not exactly super flashy 🙂


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