Horse Happy Hour October 3rd

New Reins

A new pair of leather-web reins.

So much promise in these.  Nothing fancy.  But brand new.  That’s fancy enough.  A great end for the week.  Can’t wait to put them to use.

Wanted to try a Happy Mouth bit too.  To keep things soft.  This will have to be enough of new, for now.

New leather.  What’s not to love?  They’ve got Horse Happy Hour written all over them.

Webbed reins

Think I should take off the stoppers?

Oh, and if I sell some of the old stuff on Craigslist, that surely must mean I can get something else new.  It’d be really cool to try a bit less bridle.  Just to try it.  Would be interesting to see if we’d even stay in the arena with it.

Well, for now – enjoying a little squeaky clean, new, tack.

In addition, to complete the Horse Happy Hour experience, I will be trailering off for some indoor arena riding adventures with the Greenie today!  What a treat!  I have a feeling he’ll be in shock…Tell you about it on Monday!