Shaping up the hind end

Some of the flubber has fallen off.

There’s more pep to the step.  In Cooper, not me, it’s all plump here as usual.

Here is a shot from last week of August, after the first few weeks of easy work and mostly lunging.  This was his maximum reach.

Hind end starting out

After another 4 weeks of work. (Not a fair comparison since he’s standing, – all I can do out there on my own sometimes.)

Hind end September

Let’s just agree that it’s improving. Although perhaps I’m the only one who can see it?

Another shot from that 2nd lesson again – trying to push the hiney to move, without restricting him in front at all.  He prefers tight-curled-up-jogging.  Here, he’s really giving his best, such a work happy horse.

Barely no contact

Isn’t the light just eerie from those photos? The giant King Fire at Pollock Pines still ravaging – miles and miles away in Penryn we were cloaked in smoke… Hard to breathe…

Here’s an aerial shot of the smoke. King Fire Aerial

Tell you about the trip up the hill to Newcastle, the other direction, tomorrow. At least Cooper kept his shoes on. Emergency visit from our awesome farrier last Thursday to reset a lost one, or we wouldn’t have been able to go out and play at all… Not that I think my farrier reads this little blog, but if he does – Jesse, you’re awesome, Thank You!

2 thoughts on “Shaping up the hind end

  1. REALLY nice last shot. He is stretching over his back and that right hind is reaching through beautifully. Good job, Elinor. I know how hard this is. I have short backed, muscle tank little horses, too, and while they are fun little sports cars, they can tend to be tight backed and not so easy to stretch. This is really good work.


    1. Thank you! It ends up feeling very strung out, as he spends a lot of time curled back in slow motion, but in the long run this is how he MUST go now to be able to later power up and come back UP under me. Just so difficult to stay in this frame of mind, as I’d like to do so much more with him. But this is where he is for now. I’m the impatient one, not him 🙂


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