Green means Go

At the trailer

Taking a green horse off site for the first time is not for the meek.

Prepared for a minor mayhem, it was actually surprisingly easy.  As long as he was told just what to do the whole time.

Cooper marched on to the trailer at first command.  Unlike my husband, who would have first wanted to check the breaks, the floor, whether the tail lights were functioning, if my blood sugar was high enough and so on, but luckily he was not along for this play date.  Cooper didn’t ask any questions and seemed ready to go out and play.

We were off to Nancy’s sweet place in Newcastle to try some indoor arena riding for the first time.

Some minor screaming and twirling at the new grounds, and a sudden huge burst of energy to go and go and go and goandgoangogogogo in the arena, not always in the desired gait.  But overall, he was lovely.

First time in the weird indoor arena environment
First time in the weird indoor arena environment

I feel incredibly lucky to have a friend who would come and pick us up to get in a ride in a new environment.  Nancy, you’re a star!  Can’t thank you enough for taking the time for me to come up there!

Watching Nancy Ride

Watching Nancy and Gandalf – they absolutely do not rush about or clown around, – Cooper watched all their moves admiringly.  Or at least he looked like he did.

Nancy and Gandalf

Not predicting any blue ribbons at his first show… Instead will be very pleased if he would actually get through a simple test,  without getting sticky or throwing in some random canter steps.

Shouldn’t there be some extra points for that anyway?

How about starting out with some USDF Negative Intro?

Directives and Purpose of the Test:  To confirm that the horse has not established  consistent contact, remains counterbent in corners and voltes, and transitions with either hesitation or lurching into all gaits.

Did I do OK?

Leaving you with a picture of Jaworzno, at our last visit to Nancy’s. Relaxing like a pro.

Jaworzno at Nancy's

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    1. Haha Glad you liked it! Perhaps we’re on to something here? 🙂 This morning was another lesson with him – inspiring, and we got further, but now I’m broke 😉


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