Horse Happy Hour October 10

Dressage - Dancing with horses

– “Yes“, I told him, “Dressage is like dancing with a horse.”  So that’s just what he did.

What else did I expect?

By the way, not to rant, but after announcing summer was over in this post (Quick Visit To Lincoln), why is it still hot?!  Mid October should be all about pretending it’s a crisp fall day, not wilting in 90 °.

Poor Jaworzno is sweaty in the beginning winter coat, despite the unsightly clip job he endured a couple of weeks ago.  Taking the fly mask off next week, no matter what!  Come on, Autumn!

This weekend will be all about Horse Happy Hour – tell you about it tomorrow…

Today, pretending it’s nice and cool, and that Jaworzno is going like a dream.  It’s interesting isn’t it – you come out with a plan, something new to try, something that will finally make the arena work floaty and connected?  Then the rest of the ride turns out to be nothing like a story tale with a good ending.

Horse Happy Hour, not easy.  We slowly shuffle on.

It's just never a fairytale