It’s Show Time!

Heritage show gloves

Yes, it’s finally true.

I’ll make like Cinderella – picked up by a giant pumpkin trailer on Sunday morning, courtesy of fun-loving Nancy, and head down to PEC for some ring time.  Making it home before midnight before everything falls apart.  If it hasn’t already by then.

This will be Cooper’s first real outing.  Ever.  Other than a few trail rides in the past, and a first time in an indoor arena Friday last week when we trailered up to Nancy’s quiet little place..  He can be quite worried about anything new…  It will be  interesting to see if we’ll get through the tests at the busy show grounds.

Such few weeks of riding on him.  It will show.  At the show.  Yes, we’ll show up, to be shown up.

Oh, BUT how much fun it’s going to be!!!

Had to get another pair white of gloves.  I like the Heritage Premier Show Gloves – have had several pairs already, so went with them again.  No surprises.  Everything else is set.

Premier show gloves

Mentioned a while back there was going to be some big news early November.  This is not it.  SUPER excited about this show, but there is something else fun too.  Promised not to say anything about it just yet, so I won’t.  Soon.

Pester you more about show day next Monday morning.

Showing is supposed to be fun!  I will make sure to offer plenty of entertainment this weekend!

For now, cleaning tack.  Switched over to a Steffen Peters Custom Advantage saddle since a while back.  Here it is, getting a makeover.

Custom Advantage Saddle

2 thoughts on “It’s Show Time!

  1. Good luck at the show, Elinor! Look at these first few shows with Cooper as your chance to train him and give him a good experience of shows. Later will be the chance to show the judges how fabulous he really can be. You MIGHT be able to do both right away, but I find if I focus on “give the horse a good experience,” rather than worrying about the test, it goes better for my green horse. I look forward to hearing about it in your next post, and have a fun!

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    1. Thank you! He was such a good boy. Unfortunately nothing AT ALL as he has been going at home – instead tight, braced, curled up, and rushing, all at the same time. But overall, a VERY nice gelding to take to a show. Now, we need to go home and do homework 🙂 Wondering how to get him more relaxed.


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