Contrasts: Horse Fun & Health Fail

Cooper at the show

Yesterday’s dressage show was so much fun! It was Cooper’s very first outing – so proud of him keeping it together on the grounds! He’s been doing dressage for such a short time, a true greenie, but tried his very best at a busy PEC in Wilton.  67.75% in our second test!!!  Thrilled!

Arriving at the show

3:15 AM wakeup call put us on the grounds at 7:30 am. Partly as I had a lot of miles to put in; from Folsom to Newcastle, then with the trailer from Newcastle to Wilton, and partly because I’m a slow braider. Clearly we weren’t the first ones there.

Just half the horse

Nancy and I laughed like crazy at her troubles with taking pictures with my Android.  Not much to show of the ride; here we are, about to head in, or part of us.

Push the button hahaha!

Or how about after?  Semi lovely shot of Cooper being a star, and me yapping “Just push the button.”

Some good moments

The winner is just this one grainy shot – some proof that Cooper did his job in the arena without freaking out.  Sweet boy!

Cooper's first ribbons

Our braced and tight performance got Cooper a 5th place at Intro B, at 64.38%.

(I messed us up in the first 20 M Volte, stunned by the Short Court surprise, so only got a 5 there.  That’s my punishment for only having access to an unmarked open field as an arena.)

The 67.75% was enough for a 3rd place at Intro C!

We’re lucky there’s no scoring in the warmup…

Heritage Glove fail

A bizarre distraction, the BRAND NEW Heritage gloves completely fell apart already during the warmup.

Couldn’t believe it – the entire front of the horse covered in little white speckles, in the braids, on the black Mattes pad, and all over my coat. Not to mention how slippery they got with just the silky nylon liner.

Astonished, as I posted here the day before the show how I bought these specifically NOT to have any surprises. Could only laugh at this complete fail.

Nancy and I

It was an absolute treat to have the opportunity to do this show!  Sadly, it was also at the expense of my health.

Been been muttering on the blog about walking pneumonia, asthma, and a lingering illness.  Well, a visit to urgent care before the show and adding several inhalers have not helped.

Cut the barn day short today.  Still went out there wearing a face mask to do a few duties – these horses mean the world to me… Then, off to the Doc.

Shutting down the horse activity for a bit.  Finding out what is wrong with my lungs.
Breathing is a must.  Things turned dangerous over the weekend.  A fish in water.  Major health fail.

Tremendously grateful for Nancy, taking me out to play for a day.  She’s a total blast!  This has once again served as a reminder to cherish every good day – you never know how long it will be before the next.

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    1. Haha, yes, it was a day of contrasts, definitely! But SO fun, and we left the showgrounds very happy. Now, I’m supposed to stay away from the barn to heal up. Wish that could apply to the gloves to 😉


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