Horse Happy Hour October 17

Horse Happy Hour

Still saddling up happy?

Stuck on the couch, I’ve talked to multiple people this week describing the challenges they have with their horses.  Stuff that’d make you want to give up and move on.  Some seemed ready to do just that.

My own Arabian horse has several of the problems combined.  Multiplied.  Actually, some days it feels like we’re barely even moving forward in the arena at all.  And surely we look silly, too.

Then there’s that pestering severe asthma and lung infection that has kept me away from the barn more than I want to think about.  Next week, back to normal.  Right?  Sure?  Pretty please?

But he’s sound.  And he’s mine.  He’s friendly and lovely to be around.  He loves to be fussed over.  We ride on.  Have to stay sort of basic, but that’s better than the alternative – not riding.  He’s the horse available to me to do all the horsey stuff together with.  So we continue to saddle up.  For Horse Happy Hour.  After so many years of riding, the learning goes on.

Just need to remember to get squared away with all the “supplements” for the lungs first.  How was it again; the red w/ grey inhaler 2 times morning/night, and the red-only inhaler every 2-4 hours, puff in the bigger machine here and there, throw away the white and green inhaler, don’t use the inhaler with purple at all for now,.  Wait, what do I do with the blue inhaler?!  And do I really need to finish all those crazy steroid pills HaHa?!  Horse Happy Hour, soon.

Riding with Asthma

2 thoughts on “Horse Happy Hour October 17

  1. Meh ?? Elinor, hur sjuk är du egentligen.? Det där medicinförrådet skulle ju passa på ett mindre sjukhus! Verkar inte bra detta. För att kunna rida måste man ju kunna andas. Och rida måste man ju! Se till att bli frisk snabbt. Kram


  2. Lotta, Meh, ja. Jo. 8 veckor in i en hemsk lung grej, så har jag tvingats inse att det var stort allvar. Noll dagar i stallet denna vecka. Väntar lab results från två doktorer. Tror mest på en elak mögel eller damm infektion från stallet. Städar för mycket kanske. Under tiden hjälper steroiderna att öppna upp lungorna. Man ska aldrig ge upp! Vi har ju båda varit där förut. Kram!


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