All Cooped up – News from the backyard

Playhouse chicken coop

After two summers, the play-hut chicken-coop is still going strong. 

During the hottest part of the year we decided to make a little enlargement of the chicken pen and a better free-standing nesting box.  I decided, the work team grumbled.

An excellent way to spend time together if you like slow suffocation at the side of the house in grueling temperatures with chicken wire poking out everywhere.

So, finished most of the work alone.  But look how cute it turned out!  My kind of craft project – the chickens don’t care if things are a little wiggly and rinky dink!  No need to be too picky.  As a result, most improvements only last a year or so.

TV cabinet as nesting box

Above is the new nesting box.  An old TV cabinet.  Fixed it up with a matching waterproof roof to help for the winter, and to create an overhang around it.  Painted outside with high-grade outdoor paint.  We’ll see how it holds up.

Below, the backside of the nesting box.  Yes, the top ladder step needs to be fixed.  My son made this ladder so I love it.

TV Nesting box

Awesome, just when you thought you were safe from any more Chicken Blog Posts here, this one just snuck in!  Here’s the inside of the nesting box.

Nesting box chandelier

Carpet remnants are perfect in the nesting boxes.  Toss out if ever dirty, cozy hay and a golf ball on top is all that’s needed.  Curtains for some privacy, and a chandelier just to be annoying.  They have a lot to cackle about.

Next summer we will raise some more babies.  The Chicken Chick website has inspired us to try raising live ones from a broody chicken this time!  Always looking for local adoptive families, let me hear from you!  Need to stick with only 3 chickens.  We are maddening to the neighbors as it is.

16 thoughts on “All Cooped up – News from the backyard

  1. Haha, I know, this IS a horse blog, but the chickens were featured earlier this spring and I just HAD to do a little update on them 🙂 Yes, they are in a sweet little setting right now. Just never know how long it will last – the winter weather seems to break everything apart and then we have to start from scratch each spring.


    1. Karen, I’m so glad you like it! I do both dressage AND chickens “On a dime”, so the play house idea was a way to get around spending ridiculous amounts of money on a subpar, small, coop.
      The current set up works well, especially since we are in an almost arid part of the world.
      During heavy rains, some water seeps in along the bottom edges.

      It’s OK, since I don’t mind changing the wood shavings, but of course not ideal 🙂


          1. The chickens would be really motivated at the crescendo. 😀
            One of my favorite pieces. I’m doing a galloping shoot with a black horse (I’ve posted her before. The 4 foot mane) and rider in different dresses. To get everyone pumped up and in the mood I made a disc of music. That is one of the pieces. 😉


          2. Think of when you played as a child. Didn’t you have a soundtrack in your head? Music pumps up the riders and the horses feel it. Everyone gets excited in a good way. 🙂
            Before i’m shooting a showjumping event I always have AC/DC playing in the car. 🙂
            P.S. The intro to Hells Bells I always thought would make a great dressage piece at a Kur. 😉

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