Soon back in the saddle!

Snuck out for a little ride.

If nobody was there to see – surely it didn’t happen.

Wearing a thick 3M clamshell face mask to save the lungs.  A sight to behold.  Ugh, talk about hampering your breathing…  So happy to see the boys.  Jaworzno and Cooper both seemed thrilled to do something other than lounge around in pasture too.

Thankfully, someone had helped rinse away Cooper’s “post braid afro.”  No horse should be seen in public like this.

Braid afro

Luckily, tests show that I’m not allergic to horses or mold, so as soon as all breathing is back to normal I’m getting back into the regular routine again.  Which will be tomorrow.  At least for a while, wearing a face mask while grooming, handling hay, and being in the dusty barn.  Surely I should post pictures of that no?

Idling around is not my thing.  Took advantage of all the extra time and did some thorough leather care this weekend.  I still LOVE my TLC Saddle Soap & Conditioner.  Did a little review on it earlier (Read the review Here.)

It’s still my favorite!  Got some older, dinged up, pieces of tack recently that can eventually be used for the colts when time comes for them to start getting used to a bridle.  The TLC Saddle Soap got them looking really good!  Dana also makes some really sweet looking Custom Browbands.  How about this one?

Royal Style Browband

Been ogling them for a while…  I bet any one with blue in it would look awesome on Cooper.  And then her Dog collars –  they look super fun!

OK.  Back to business tomorrow!