It’s Official – Excited To Share The News!

Jaworzno and Cooper

Castle Rock Farm will relocate to a new venue!

Packing up the whole load and moving.  Less than 2 miles away, but with a Loomis instead of Penryn zip code.  The horses are leaving soon – temporary set-up waiting for them at the new farm.  The rest of the stuff being packed up over the next 4-5 weeks.  Knowing me, all my own stuff will be out of there by next weekend.

A new start.  Most horses will come along.  And me too!  Same management.  Just a new and improved site.  While we will not have 18 private acres available over rolling terrain and steep hills to climb any more, we will be able to ride at Traylor Ranch Nature Reserve at any time.  A generous 1 acre irrigated pasture for each horse.  The same quiet set up.

Arena leveling work will start on Monday, along with the grading for the barn.  Or barns, – there’s talk about maybe two small barns being installed (?) although the total number of horses is supposed to be only 6-8.  Not sure of the final plan on that yet.

So, word is that there is going to be more of a real arena.  With footing.  Can it be true?  The joy!  Staying away from the construction dust for sure when the sand gets delivered, no need to be breathing in all that.

The excitement is high.  Workers have been there for weeks, driving in new fence posts.  Tons of over grown twiggy bushes dragged out by construction equipment to create more open space in the horse pastures.  Leaving all mature trees for shade.  Irrigation prepared.  Can’t wait to start this new adventure!

Good Bye Castle Rock Penryn – thank you for the memories!

August 14 2014