Confessions of a grooming addict

Grooming addict

Dirty horses do not apply.

Entered a self-imposed rehabilitation program to recover from my grooming addiction I’m in.  The habit is hard to break.  Horse walks in to the cross ties, we’ve got 15 minutes to get ready.  Yet some 35 minutes later that girth is still not fastened.

Meticulous hoof picking.  Currying and full body brushing.  It’s just this past year I’ve finally broken out of the urge to get a fix from the double brush routine.  Admiringly watching others schlep on the saddle without first as much as at least flutter with the brush anywhere on the horse.  (At first Gasping.  Is that even Legal?!)

My friend Patrice has seen the addiction in full bloom.  While riding her Trakehner, he’d have to endure a full 45 minute pre ride grooming routine.  Every time.  (Mortified hanging head.)

Mimi of course saw it too – that’s her Warmblood gelding in these pictures.

Obviously a little too excited here below with Fosco in 2010.  Delirious brush intoxication.  There’s no shame in admitting it.


Full wash rack treatment afterward.  Tail picking.  Well, suppose Christel and Laura has seen this too.  And Ana.  And the group at Horsey Hilton.  And…

An obvious full-blown earlier allergy to tacking up any horse not completely spick and span.  Averted my eyes, embarrassed, from other rider’s disgraceful mud patches on their mounts.

Wishing to ride more than one or two horses per day, enduring less than show ready mounts is a must.  So, I’ve entered the 10 step program to Over Grooming Addiction.  If you’ve been there, you know the withdrawal symptoms.

It’s not going all that well.  Never one to give up – this winter will offer plenty of opportunity to get on the wagon.

Living in sin.  No more.

3 thoughts on “Confessions of a grooming addict

  1. I loved seeing you with Fosco and remember how nice you groomed him and how much he loved it. Hope you are doing well with your new horse, not so new by now, but enjoying riding and grooming too. Mimi, Horsey Hilton


    1. Mimi! We are moving barns to a new property down the street. If you are ever over here so by and see us – we’re even in the Loomis zip code now!


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