Wow, reblogged!

Wasn’t even sure how to push that button.

The Reblogging button that is.  And absolutely not sure I was writing anything worth Reblogging.  What a treat!  Happily clicking away here, and suddenly realizing that what I say is actually resonating with other riders.  How is that for inspiration?!

Grateful for this.

Sabrena, at her blog Better So Dressage, has welcomed me to the club of the Lone Riders.  That’s what we are.  Amateur dressage riders across the land, seeking the ride where we finally feel we’ve arrived.  That’s when we can finally start learning.  For real.

She’s further along than I.  This in itself is inspirational to me.  Go and read some of her posts, get inspired, and join the club.  Of the Lone Riders.  You’re probably already in it, no?

Leaving you with Mr. Jaworzno, cooling off after this morning’s workout.  He’s got all the answers.

Done!  Where's the cookie?

Yes, still at the “old” Castle Rock Farm.  Word is the new arena is complete, but the new barn is delayed for another week. Fine with me – it’s SO pretty out here now!

Despite all pretty – there’s been some local road trips.  Ione, Oroville, Turlock (say what!) Ione again.  It will all pan out in a couple of months.  New ideas.  I think it’s all Marty’s fault.  At MC Dressage.  More later.