She Went Western

western browband

To try it.  Once.

Inserting the giant bit took some courage for the fleece padded dressage rider.  It aint purdy.

Wanted to try it, since I know Jaworzno used to go in this bridle, many years ago.  And because you should try new, different things often or become stale.  This time, riding without contact.

But still, oh, just those shanks – they looked inches long.  They were inches long.

Shank bit

And that bit, super tall port.  Looked like if he stumbled, it would poke straight on up and break his palate.

It felt naughty putting it on.  Like feeding live baby rabbits to reptiles.  Or sending your 3-year old down the street without training wheels just for kicks.  Legal, but frowned upon in most social circles.

The results.  Busy mouth.  A four beat lope.  Shuffle jog.  Wow, very comfy sitting like this.  Great lateral work all of a sudden.

That was fun for the day, but didn’t fall in love.   Hung it back up on the bridle rack.  For good.
Western headstall