Still here

But we are moving soon.

It’s going to be two barns put together for a total of 6 stalls and two extra for other stuff.  Can’t wait to see how it turns out.  Not a rustic wood barn this time, modular pole barn, which is so much better in California anyway.

Just want a hot wash, so I can continue feeding the “clean horse” addiction…

Think we’ll get some more rain?  Soon?  Feels like we’ve had too many winters living in a draught…  Only gotten to break out the new rain jacket twice this fall so far.  It worked.  We stayed dry on top.  Here it is below.

Some pants would be good too.Rain Jacket Time!
Having an awesome weeked! Hope you are too.  Putting up a little post about an adventure in Ione, next.  Never say no to the opportunity to try something new.