Small Town, Big Parade

Folsom Veteran’s Day Parade.

Been a hit for us for 11 years.  Seeing the Veterans is always inspiring.  This year, also topped it off with a ceremony at a retirement center, honoring several heroes still hanging in there after World War II.

Love this parade.  Somehow got more pictures of horses in it than the real veterans.

Veterans Day Parade

Hmmm… How did that work out?

Wells Fargo Wagon

Folsom’s Mounted Police were also there. It’s a small patrol. Very laid back.  Small, friendly, town.
Folsom Mounted Police
They make our Swedish Mounted Patrol look like they’re preparing for war. (Which they sort of are here, Police horses do a fantastic job there…)

Swedish Riding Police In addition to Veteran’s Day activities, I’ve got most my stuff from the barn stored up in our garage at home now.  Preparing to leave soon.  Smells so nice and welcoming going in there. Said no one ever.
Who’s going to take care of all our pretty barn flowers at the old barn once we finally move?… The fall colors are in full glow, so pretty!  Sunflowers should be coming out soon too.

Fall flowers at the farm

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    1. Happy Veterans Day to you too! Yes moving to new farm this month. Just down the road. Everything remains the same, just improved -and perhaps a little bit better arena footing 🙂 Good times!


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