Tribute to Rayna

Found out yesterday that lovely, luscious Ranya passed away from sand colic.

At loss of words.  She was a very special mare to me.  Rode her until, and for a while after, she sold. Wish she would have stayed with me.

Calling her in pasture:  – “Miss Rayna!”  She was always game.  Always enthusiastic to see you.

A photo bomb this morning:

Miss Reyna

Sharing embarrassing selfies with you today.

ridiculous selfies after show

Kisses after her very first off-property solo ride with me on Blueberry Lane.

Plump, to say the least.

La Booteyh October 2012 Reyna October 2012 withreynaJanuary 2013

She was a most regal mare and my best friend for a while.

Find a earlier post on this blog about her here:  Friesian Fancy.

9 thoughts on “Tribute to Rayna

    1. I’m smiling, too. It was a wonderful opportunity to know her, we both taught each other a lot. Just like most horses do. But of course I wish she would have had many more years to enjoy… These huge animals, so delicate.

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  1. What a beautiful mare (I love Friesians!). Thank you for sharing the pictures. I’m so sorry for your loss, but thankful that you had the chance to know her. Horses are a gift we get to treasure for such a brief time. She’ll always have a special place in your heart.

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    1. Yes, she was a really special mare and I was lucky to get to ride and train with her. I still miss her huge head, it was as long as my entire torso.


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