Bright Breeches For Brave Behinds

Not the regular subdued blue –

Annie’s Original Blue Breeches definitely stand out!

20141112_194232(0)A closet full of earth toned riding apparel…  These will definitely perk things up!  A beautiful robins egg blue, or almost turquoise.  Tiffany blue they say.

Quickly got these on and snapped some pictures in the dark.  Grainy pictures is all there is here today.

The breeches are from Annie’s Equestrienne Apparel.  They sell very cute riding clothes for little girls;  now also breeches for adult women who don’t mind stepping out of the “muted color” norm for breeches.  These were incredibly comfortable!  Would love to try the red ones too…

Barn chores will not be hampered by stiff material around the joints.  (Although I’m not sure any of the dirty barn chores should be done wearing these…)  This is not a thick, cellulite forgiving, material.  It’s flexible, bending like this is no effort –

Annie's Original Blue Breeches with chocolate seat

Feels like very comfortable running tights.  Love it!

If you’re sucky at dressage like me, you can even match your 4th place ribbons with them!  Although wearing it like this might be too much of a “Florida Snow bird” look.

Ladies Original Blue Breeches

The inspiration to get these soft breeches came from, a really fun, fashionable dressage blog who knows how to tell it like it is.

A much improved write-up, along with beautiful pictures of these breeches, instead of these gritty ones of me contorted in gritty lighting, can be found in THIS blog post at Shadbelly.  They’ve got that part down pat!

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    1. Haha. They make them in Apple green. Not sure if that would count? Gold ones would simply be too bright, even for me.
      Hey, I’m back to running again. Hope you’re doing well with the paddling!


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