How to make a horse measuring stick

Any simple straight stick can work for this.

Mine is a bamboo stick.  Yep, it’s fairly straight.  A long piece of tape measure attached with zip ties, and your good to go.

Zip ties courtesy of father in law.  “You can always make use of them”, he said, insisting I took several bunches of them.  Of course he was right.  Now zip tying everything!  Running out of zip ties.

Home made horse measuring stick

Making sure to measure on a flat, level, surface only, and using a straight stick, this will be a fairly accurate device.  And so better than a spooky tape measure loosely flailing about.  Trust me on this.

You do need to measure at the correct point of the withers,  and make sure to lay a stick level across to read the height.  Not slanting wishfully up…

Bamboo height measuring stick – approved by Dressage On A Dime.

Easy horse measuring stick

9 thoughts on “How to make a horse measuring stick

    1. Just a little something to get a rough idea of height. Not going to be accurate enough for a certified height, but using materials laying around to come up with something better than some flimsy “tape measure” method is pretty satisfying 🙂


  1. I actually do something similar to this. I use a 1×1 or 1×2 piece of lumber so it’s perfectly straight. Then I put a three foot level across my horse’s withers and draw a line on the wood. Then I just measure up to that mark. Using the level makes it easy to be sure I’m not tilting it wishfully upward hehe. 😀


    1. A level! That’s what I need!
      This bamboo stick rig up is really all about the budget – it was laying around, and the tape measure was broken, so it was a perfect marriage.
      For more accuracy – I’ll snag a level somewhere to get an even truer measurement.


      1. Your idea is brilliant! In fact I’m tempted to zip tie a tape measure to my stick but I don’t have a broken one and I’m reluctant to break one on purpose lol!! A level definitely helps make it more accurate!!


        1. Dollar store can be a life saver sometimes.
          Buy whatever little thingy they have, often somewhere around 2.5 ft long. Then you measure on your own at home with the real thing, to wherever you wish to start, perhaps 14 hands or so, and attach the rest of the more detailed measurement string there. Works great if you usually only deal with horses from around 14 hands to under 18 hands 😉


  2. Harbor Freight frequently has coupons for free or cheap tape measures-sometimes no purchase required, & they sell levels, too!


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