Time to disclose something soon…

A secret.  You’ll find out one way or another anyhow. 

There’s no hiding it.

But first, time for a quick update on Cooper.

His initial trot was very sucked back.  Jogging, curling under, or stopping.  Weeks spent trotting with a longer stride. He needed to open up some, but I’ve abandoned the idea of pushing him on in that rushed way since long now.  His mouth, again nice and soft.

Here’s that lengthened, stretched out and rushy frame again.  We both didn’t care for it.

Green trot

Then we got this going on Instead.  Earlier, at Castle Rock Farm.  Wait!  NOT shorter now. Forward again.

November Trot

At Blue Horse Farm, I hope he will develop even more.

OK. Returning soon with the confession/news.

Until then, I will continue missing our nice indoor grooming area…  We’re still a bit temporary out by a tree…

Done!  Where's the cookie?