Confessing what I’ve done…

Stalling, since this is a fairly crazy undertaking. 

But tomorrow is the day.  To come clean.

Weak-kneed thinking about how best to explain.  Sort of the same feeling you had, at 16, helplessly in love, completely invisible.  Then when he finally did say  “Hi”, you could barely reply.

And then, remember that feeling, when you’d ride two buses for 45 minutes after looking up his address, to spend 30 agonizing minutes standing outside in the blistering cold on a dark Swedish  winter night, staring up at the light from his apartment window?  Wind howling, feet stomping in thin shoes with hard frozen rubber soles, fingers rapidly numbing up.  Just to see, well, not sure, some shadows at the most.  Remember that?

Crickets chirping…  OK, guess not.  That was weird.  Not stalking at all.  Well, anyway, tomorrow I’ll tell you about the new undertaking.  It’s got nothing to do with all that.

With La Prima

 Photo courtesy of Grey Horse Photography

Happy Thanksgiving To All!

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