On the 2nd visit

She’d been put in a stall.

Saddled, bridled, no bit, some experiences in the round pen, and tying.  She seemed afraid.  And tired.

Having a bite

Eating hay out of the hand for the first time.

She was dirty and wet from the round pen.  And smaller.  Thinner.  She accepted some more touching, and leading a bit in halter. Oh, a very long way to go with this mare.

Touching the ears

Had a really hard time making up my mind if she would be a good project to take on. Silly, really, to buy a horse without being able to see her ridden.  Just walk, trot, brief canter in the round pen, at liberty.

Decided to leave her there for another full week, to return a third time before deciding.

Come back soon

Reluctantly leaving her, she looked like she already knew I’d be coming back.

2 thoughts on “On the 2nd visit

  1. Of course it’a a good idea, she let you touch her and she ate hay from your hand, you’re building the trust! She’s a wonderful project, she’ll learn to love and trust you, which means if it is meant to be you’ll have yourself one amazing horse.

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