Blue Horse Barn Is Done!

Turned out really nice.

Time to get all tack stuff organized!  Feeling a bit lost…  Tons of rain is making things around us a bit mushy, but that won’t last long.

This is what it looked like right before it was finished, before the pipe pens went up with outside access from each stall.  You can see that it’s open view between the stalls inside.

Back side of the barn:

Back of the barn

Very impressed with how quickly it was done !  Rain gutters along the sort of rough-looking top edge will complete the look.  Plus a thick edging to prevent run-off of the DG base in the pipe pens.

Oh, and completion of automatic waterers, and electricity.  8 stalls, although one is for food, second for tack, and third for storage.  For now.

Dan Gooder

Very happy we have nice shelter in time for this second 4-day down pour.  Once it looks a bit less wet and dreary, I’ll post a shot of everything (mostly) finished.

Leaving you with a shot of Jaworzno, meeting some new friends/fans.

Pasture meet and greet

He loves to be adored like this. While not working as a full-fledged dressage show horse any more, this is right up his alley. Although he will get to show them some of what he really can do – perhaps they will become dressage converts…