Introducing: Valiosa, at Blue Horse Farm

Excited to be underway with backing this mare.

She is a 3 year old Andalusian Cross.

Her first time.  My first time, doing it from scratch.  Press start to play.

Valiosa, first week at Blue Horse Farm

Most of the basics already there after the first week:  Tying.  Bathing.  Blanketing.  Grooming.  Hours of building trust.  Practicing catching in the pen.  Haltering plus bridling with bit.  Lifting all four feet.  Standing for hoof trim.  Getting shots.  Hand walking alone on trail off property, without other horse.  Standing still at mounting block with rider hanging over.  Saddling, and most recently, accepting mounting.

As soon as the grounds are less drenched and slick from rain, lunge work will begin.

If I can do this – so can you.  Happy to have you along on this odyssey!

Here is from her nature walk yesterday morning:


 She’s very brave for traipsing around alone here.  Crossed this bridge with no hesitation on the first try.

Horse bridge with water underneath Shaggy winter princess.

Valiosa accepting the bit

With a start like this, outside the arena, I can’t wait to see how she will take to an introduction to dressage later.

18 thoughts on “Introducing: Valiosa, at Blue Horse Farm

  1. I think you are well on your way with this mare. I am sure she will develop into a great ride for you.
    Missed you at the Foothills Holiday party last night. Lots of fun and great prizes were raffled off.
    Hope to see you at our awards dinner.
    BTW, would you be interested in submitting articles for our newsletter? I think we would all enjoy your writing.

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    1. Thank you Christine! I appreciate your positive thoughts! 🙂 I am delinquent in my membership. Where do I send a check for 2015?! I need to get more involved.
      I would be willing to contribute with something written for the newsletter of course. If you feel I would have anything of interest to say 🙂


      1. Just go on the CDS website and you can renew online in minutes. It is up to you what you want to write about, but I think you are quite capable. It is hard getting articles for our newsletter and we would appreciate more from all our members.

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    1. She’s definitely turning out to be a bit of a snuggle bunny. A huge turnaround from when I picked her up. Feels like a how compliment of course!


        1. Thank you Michael. The starting pieces are there. Now I’ll just have to wait and see what her work ethic is like… That usually doesn’t come out until solidly under saddle and ridden with a purpose.
          Thank you for checking in on us!


    1. Thank you Odette! The running is coming around well – still hope to see you at the track one day 🙂 Tuesdays, 5 PM FLC. Warmup on track now that it’s dark.


    1. Right before taking home Valiosa, I test rode another Andy cross, a 5 year old mare with a lot more time under saddle. She had even been ridden on a cross country course jumping bridle less – very sweet owner and mare. She was an Iberian warmblood, so Thoroughbred and Andalusian.
      But I decided Valiosa had even better potential, and I especially liked the fact that I’d be starting EVERYTHING from scratch with her.
      She’s Andalusian and Quarter Horse Cross, so an Azteca. Her mom was a blue Roan, her stallion a grey Andalusian. We’ll see if she greys out, it will take another year to know for sure.
      She really reminds me of your gelding in some pictures! It’s that lovely Andalusian shining through!


      1. I’m glad you went with Vasliosa! Starting them from scratch is so rewarding!! I think with as light as her face is already that she is definitely going to gray out! It’s funny you say that about her reminding you of mine because I have a friend with Andalusians and she says the same thing!! I’ve seen other Friesian/Arabian crosses that look a lot like Andalusians too. 🙂 I’m definitely not complaining if he looks like one. They are beautiful.


        1. I keep staring at her markings sometimes. Most indicate she will go grey. But a few indicates she’s a roan.
          Her full brother, one year older, is still the same color… A mystery for now.


          1. No picture of her brother. He is local, so with permission maybe I could get one up eventually next time I visit. Both have a lot of light hair on their heads, which is indicative they’re Not roans. However, when looking closely, they both have kept the regular coat color around the eyes, and have the dark, inverted V markings on their legs.
            Which points to a roan…
            It will be a mystery for some time. ..

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