On top of Valiosa today

A bit of walk, with handler of course.

She took it all in stride.  Although riding her felt like riding a wobbly, thin, plank.  She had her first session on the lunge line.  Without a round pen.  Yes, that is viable.  And without any crazy racing.

Hoping to lunge her two more times before next storm hits.  Then we’ll just be back at hand walking in the rain on the trails.

Hands full, the blog has shifted focus – somewhat less frequent posts, and mostly about the adventures of training with two green horses.

(What?  How did I get into this with starting horses and all!?  How does this compute as work toward a Bronze Medal?)

Jaworzno, ever the gentleman, will continue as usual.  Although mostly making this little girl below happy.  Her main job, is just to make him happy.

A prince and a princess

6 thoughts on “On top of Valiosa today

  1. Yes, teaching a young horse to lunge without a round pen is very possible, Europe has been doing it for years, and I have done it with several horses. Keep up the great work.

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  2. Agreed. While it gives a definite feeling of security, both for horse and handler, I still think we’ll have success. It will take longer, and I’ll add something new, small, each time. But we’ve got plenty of time. She’s so young… And I’ve also got the luxury of focusing as much time as needed on only her, no rushing.


    1. Hmmm, it’s that wobbliness that sort of throws one off as a rider. It just doesn’t feel right… I’ll be stuck with that together with Valiosa for a very long time, since she’s receiving very little time under saddle to start. Can’t wait to feel what she Really can do, once a bit more balanced…


      1. Yeah Chrome felt narrow and wobbly up until this fall to be honest! I did so little riding those first two years that essentially he’s still very green. Since I started riding consistently in October he has improved a lot!! I just need lessons so I can learn to control his shoulders and how to teach him about contact since I’ve never introduced it to a horse before. I think with your dressage experience that it won’t take nearly as long for you and Valiosa to get past the wobbly stage. I think the best advice I got about riding green horses is to ride them like a grown horse. If we ride different or make allowances it just teaches them to be green. Or something like that lol. I’m probably interpreting it wrong hehe.


        1. Yes, lessons are good! I’m all for it. But they’re not always the only answer. Sometimes it’s just all about creating a routine with the horse, building muscle, and setting expectations. I’m sure you’ve felt a big change in your gelding already 🙂
          Hey, and thank you for having confidence in me and the little dressaging! 🙂


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