Can a horse learn too quickly?

Ever been floored by a horse who seems to pick up on things at super speed?

Show something new once, only to come out the next day, and the horse is absolutely, positively, on the same page.  Almost eerie.

Apparently everything shown to Valiosa is soaking in.  Keeps you on your toes for sure – no mistakes, or she’ll latch on to any and all less desirable habits.  (Forget it, there’s going to be a myriad of mistakes.)

Second day lunging in the arena;  expected to repeat the process of getting her relaxed and that actually walking out on the volte by her own would take a while.

Instead, she knew immediately what to do, and listened really good to up and down transitions.  Actually too relaxed here…

Walking bravely on her own

With the cavesson she stayed light in the contact.  Thank you SO much again Marty for letting me borrow it!

Extremely pleased with her effort.  Active trot, walk, come to a halt and wait, standing calmly on the circle.  Although spun around here as fiddling with the camera to get a shot was just taking too long for her.

Week one, lunging in the open

A fresh chest and throat clip on her as a little vent.  And some on along the jaw, some on the ears, and yes, also hacked up the front legs to get rid of bot eggs nestled everywhere.  Stopped just in time before she looked too cut up.

OK fine, I completely butchered the front legs.

4 thoughts on “Can a horse learn too quickly?

    1. Yes, she just needed to get motivated, which I see on your blog is something you know quite a bit about 🙂 Working with horses can be just as much of a challenge as the workplace in some aspects.

      Finding motivation to work, alone, in harsh weather and sometimes in despicable physical condition, is the key to stay successful. As there is no monetary reward with this, and also not really a “personal status” reward (Since I don’t have the means to compete a lot at rated shows), riders like me have to find something else that makes us come back for more…

      To me, my infatuation with these horses is still somewhat of an enigma. Curiosity, perhaps, is the driving force…


    1. Thank you 🙂 You know the way to any horse owner’s heart is through their horse!
      I didn’t think I’d fall for her so easily, but in less than three months she’s made herself indispensable 🙂


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