Before the storm

Pocket PonyLucky to squeeze in another session with Valiosa before the storm hit.  Thank you Debbie for snapping a picture of us!

We’ll be rained out for some time, possibly next week too, with intense wind.  Arena work will take a rest.  Plenty of other stuff to work on.

Third day lunging, on her very best behavior.

Green horse trot

Got in a lesson with Cooper too!  New, fun, evasions with him.  He was happier when he could just plod along.

He has ballooned up incredibly.  An air fern, completely losing his svelte figure on the rich new pasture grass.  A voracious appetite not helping either – he wanted to inhale this artificial wreath too.  No shame…

Cooper, wanting to eat the wreath

Leaving you with the Canadian Geese Guards on top of the old storage barn.  Noisy, and fervently guarding the new pond, too.  I think they’ve moved in for good.

Gees Guards


4 thoughts on “Before the storm

  1. Love the Canadian Geese guards! I would never have thought of calling them that, but it is just what they look like. Valiosa sure is beautiful and I’m enjoying your pictures. Hang in there with the storms – this looks like quite a different winter than last one (yes, I’m in Northern CA, too, and all my grand plans for accomplishing a lot of training this winter seem to be going, uh, down the drain).

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    1. Haha, yes, and those guards make quite the racket too!
      So, with the rains, that will save us from another year of drought, hopefully, I’ve decided to see this as a natural way of slowing down the progression for this horse right now.

      While her hooves and body condition can get in top shape over the next couple of months, the ridden work will be more scarce.
      She also came with a big patch of nasty armpit fungus, so having the girth rubbing there as little as possible is good for now.
      Hmmm, what else can I find that puts the TORRENTIAL rains in good perspective…?
      Perhaps you and I might have to retort to some trick training…
      Not big in my book, but maybe teach them some silly trick from the ground, just to be obnoxious 🙂

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