SSG Waterproof Sport Glove Review

Toasty winter gloves that still let you bend your fingers around the reins?

Yes, they do exist.  Somewhat.  The grip and feel will never be the same, but at least you’ll finish the ride actually feeling your fingers, instead of having little bent-twig-fingers frozen together.

The SSG Waterproof Sport Gloves work perfectly for our mild winters when it’s just a bit too nippy early in the morning.  Picked them because as soon as my fingers get wet, the hand freezes up.  These are very water-resistant, and while a bit too chunky to want to wear tacking up, they were great at keeping the fingers warm.

SSG Water Proof Sport Glove

True to size, grippy on the inside, made to last at least the season.  (What can I say, I’m rough on gloves.)  Great price, approved by Dressage On A Dime.

Snapped these up at Brenda’s Tack Warehouse in Woodland during the awesome sale this fall.  Read more about Brenda’s Tack in this post.  There really were some nice deals – next year will be fun!

A tip about these gloves – stash them in your car if possible.  Pulled on warm, they stay warm.  Pulled out of damp, cold, storage onto cold fingers, they stay cold.

Dressage On A Dime