Merry Christmas from “Dressage On A Dime”


The Holidays –

A time to revisit old traditions.  A time to create new ones.  A time to dress our horses in silly frill.  (Pulling it off as “desensitizing.”)

Scary Wreath

A time to dress them in new crisp boots.

New Front Boots

A time to fumble with stiff new winter blankets.

Wishing all readers a most joyful Holiday Time!

A time to say “Thank You”  to each and all who keep checking in on us on this little Website!  Wishing you a beautiful Holiday Week!

Arena ground work coming along at snail pace.  While Valiosa has proven to be truly enjoying all this brand new attention and new experiences – she’s also one HOT & Sensitive mama…  This is going to take a while.

9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from “Dressage On A Dime”

    1. Merry Christmas Teresa! Will do – although he’s more of a grass monster than carrot monster now. All that lush winter grass after these rains, sigh… I’ll try to get up a photo of him enjoying his little best friend after the Holidays 🙂


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