How many times can you reinvent yourself?

There’s only two options, really:

Give up.  Or carry on.

Most of the time, we’re only given option number Two, no matter how tough things get.

If you’ve made it past 40, there’s a high likelihood everything hasn’t been shimmering snippets of glee all the time.  Most likely, more so for some of us, there’s been some really challenging periods.  Me, I barely dare to think past 60 just yet.

Survived so far:  immigration, two college degrees, collegiate & adult long distance competing, creating a happy marriage, life in high paced corporate America, making two beautiful boys, a never-ending stream of household animals, triple surgeries, debilitating arthritis while still running, and a plethora of frequent injuries.

I think a total of 3 winter seasons spent in a walking-boot, adult dressage riding, more bouts on crutches than I can ever count, some sad jaunts in a wheel chair, and a smattering of seemingly only multiplying illnesses that most people only read about in magazines.

Now, running distance miles, and on the track again.  Some speed still there.

During some of the darkest months, especially during the wheelchair time, some people called me inspirational.  Perhaps in the sense that I didn’t just lay down and give up?  Who would seriously think there’d be time and opportunity to do so?

Not sure, but if I’m inspirational to anyone – sure, I’ll take it!  It’s what wins the game in the end, just carrying on.  Finding joy in whatever you do.

Late Spring  at Castle Rock Farm

Picture from Tamara Watson Photography.

Happier the older you get?  Yes, it actually works that way.  Like a ripening, good, cheese.  Except I can’t eat cheese, so it’s not at all like that.

Family, Horses, and Running – my biggest sources of inspiration.  This has been a GREAT Year Of The Horse!

How many times can you reinvent yourself?

Resuscitate. Regenerate.  Rehabilitate and Revive.  As many times as it takes, friends.

2015, Bring it on!

12 thoughts on “How many times can you reinvent yourself?

  1. I can relate to this post! Even in my 20’s I feel like there has been quite a few drastic transitions that have taken place. I went from full time equestrian to college student, to landing my first job, being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, having a thyroidectomy, getting back to life post-thyroid cancer, starting my blog and finding my passion all within a five-year period. It’s been a good road, tough at times, but it just shows you how much you can handle. I’m looking forward to welcoming a New Year, and hopefully finding more time in the saddle.

    Wishing you and your family (and four-legged members) a healthy and happy 2015!

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    1. It is indeed a roller coaster, isn’t it? I think you are doing a wonderful job riding it! I bet we’re both enjoying the ride so much more just because of the hills 🙂 Wishing you the very best 2015 too!!


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