Digital Detox

Make some tracks!

Early Morning – Blue Horse Farm

Light frost.  Like icing on a cake.  Squinting, pretending it’s snow.

The New Pond

Early Winter Morning Sun Rise.

The new pond.  Feeling lucky to be here.

Valiosa on grass

And then Valiosa, finally in large California Winter Grass Pasture.

She first had to learn to be an easier catch.  Watched my sons crack that code.  Humbled.

Minimal clicking on the phone this week.  Refusing to take part.

Digital Detox.  Perhaps you should try, too?

This Blog is not Twittered, Overly Face Book Blasted, Stumbled Upon, Pinterested, LinkedInned or shamelessly self promoted in other ways.  It’s just here.  (Although I’m more than happy with you sharing it in any which way.)

Lighter this way, isn’t it?

Thank you for reading!

6 thoughts on “Digital Detox

  1. In the “MUST SEE!” “BUY THIS!” “CLICK HERE” world we live in, it sure is nice to unplug from everything and just enjoy the here and now.


    1. Yes! And we’re easily sucked into “busy” through our own agenda. Arriving with a long list of things we want to accomplish at the barn for the day. Sometimes overlooking the simple things.
      I’m striving very hard to enjoy all of it. Without any need for flash, hype, or relentless updating. It’s working. Happier by the day.
      Although it appears my Facebook account has blacklisted me. Not sure how that’s even possible, but ever since getting off every single notification, it has stopped working at all for me. Go figure 😉


  2. This is an amazing photograph! (the one with the pond) something I would paint!!
    I like the idea of digital detox…I think I am one of the last people on earth who don’t have a smart phone.
    Keep those pictures coming. Very beautiful…oh yeah, the horse also..

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    1. Just a regular morning, and there it was, some pink frosted magic in the little dirt pond. Right there on the property. I feel lucky I get to be part of these little things so often.
      Hold out on the smart phone. I have one, and I DO text, but I refuse to be on all sorts of Apps and to be “on call” at all times,. There is a stress around it all, and I think we’ll see the effects of it in the next decade.


      1. I am afraid you’re right with long term effects. You can already see some in society today. There’s hardly anyone who’s not looking down on a phone at all times of the day..


        1. Yeah. I wonder what it will do to us all…
          In the barn I try hard to handle the phone only for special appointments and the like.
          It’s a free zone.


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