Another illegal trail ride

Slow walk

On my un-broke, no-stop-no-steer-green baby.

This is not recommended.  Her second time under saddle on the trail.  But following in someones steps, she’s just fine.

Perching on top.  Waited for her to lose it.  But no.

Her second real trail ride

The 9-year old eccentric trainer set the pace.  A quintessential dressage trainer in the making.  European accent, color coordinated, spry legged, and a flaring temperament.

– “Stop flailing!”, he ordered the paparazzi, tumbling behind us on the narrow, soft, mud trail.  11-year old calf veal legs, a wonder he doesn’t fall over on his camera lens.

– “Practice Halting!”, was his next golden nugget of advice.  I didn’t even bother to ask him how.  He’s not much for two-way communication.

Back at the farm

Back at the farm, he whispered sweet nothings to my baby horse, and stomped off hastily for something else.  Something better.

My Horse Whisperer

Now that school is back in session, we’re on our own, Valiosa and I.  No more trail.  Unless you care to come out and join in the fun…

10 thoughts on “Another illegal trail ride

    1. Thank you! I’m falling for this mare big time – she’s such a joy to do new stuff with. I just hope I can crack the code eventually and get her more relaxed when working – that’s her only sticky point right now.


  1. She is so beautiful! I wish we could ride together. Having a green horse and no one to ride can be no fun. :\ I’m fortunate though that my hubby rides his bike with us so I’m not completely alone. 🙂

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    1. I’m with you on that!
      The farm I’m at now, has an easy trail parking lot right across the street (!). I watch trailers pulling up all the time. If I ever time it just right, I’ll run over with Valiosa and sort of “throw myself” into their trail ride. May or may not be popular HaHa. But she really only needs to ride out a few times with other horses and I can tell that she’ll be excellent on her own – a tough cookie that one.
      Cherish the time with your hubby at the barn – mine only shows up for short celebrity visits to take some pictures a couple of times per year…


      1. I used to sneak myself into trail rides too!! I never see anyone riding around here anymore. I’m very appreciative of my husband going out with us and taking pictures for me. I’m lucky I keep my horse at home too so he even helps with chores. 😀 I’m glad Valiosa had such a good brain! She really sounds like she’s coming along great. It’s hard to believe she had barely been touched when you got her. Keep up the great work!!


    1. Thank you. She feels comforted by both my boys. Despite their crazy antics and unpredictable, jerky, way of simply being around.
      They’re especially proud of teaching her to be caught in pasture. She allowed them to Crinkle up her ears, halter on upside down, in the first try.
      With me, it was all sort and scoot away for days when she first came.


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