January 12th, entering the busiest stretch of 8 days ever

There simply won’t be enough hours in the day this week.

Not sure how it will all fit together.  No use to fret, it will all happen, one way or another.  Promise not to bore you with the details.

When horse-life, and the other, often even more demanding real-life gets a bit too busy, it’s nice to take a look at the basics.

A little girl, enjoying some simple horse time.  And Jaworzno, enjoying his little girl.  (And the grass, sometimes not sure what he likes the most.)  He’s living the easy life.


How it all started for many of us.

This week will be a mixture of dirty, hard, and lengthy work, and then a quick ride at a swanky place at the end.  Of course we’ll fit in, Cooper and I…  (Once said out loud, it must be true.)  Another Appaloosa adventure.

Quick report of the weekend shenanigans next Monday morning!

8 thoughts on “January 12th, entering the busiest stretch of 8 days ever

  1. Thats how summer feels like here on the HK Bar. I think my oldest daughter and i attended and competed in over 15 horse shows last summer. Looking forward to reading more!

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    1. See, that’s what I’m talking about!
      I want to get out there, too, ready or not.
      Feeling a bit discouraged this morning, as the general mindset around here is that unless you know you can absolutely ACE it in the showring, you have no business being in there.
      I don’t agree. How else would we, as well as the horse, gain the necessary practice and confidence?…
      Anyway, thrilled to hear you got in so many shows! I’m heading out there – ready or not!


      1. Yes its not about being perfect. To me its about doing your best and just giving it your all and learning. People who think otherwise are joy kills.

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        1. That’s how I’ve always wanted to approach everything in life. Unfortunately, in dressage, we seem to have to operate in a completely different universe…
          Thank you for the encouragement!

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