Bon Voyage, Valiosa!

Valiosas first outing

A road trip with little Miss green this week!

Her first outing since arriving less than two months ago.  Some convincing to enter the trailer.  Went better after I unloaded Cooper, allowing Valiosa to load up into the bigger space alone in the slant load.

Even taught her how to back out nicely from the trailer today.  A big thing for her.  It’s a step down, no ramp.

She travels with ease – so fun to get her out!

We went up to Nancy’s place again.  An easy, quick drive – perfect for her.  Feeling very special to have someone taking an interest in me and helping with this.  What a wonderful opportunity!

Valiosa hanging out waiting while I rode Cooper in the arena.

Valiosa at Nancy's

She entered the indoor arena with no fuss, had the very best lunge session so far.  A hot mare, I’m working on relaxation from the get go.

After, hanging out at the trailer for a short while.  Incredibly easy mare on the ground now.  How can I not love her?

Practicing patience at the trailer

She’ll need more loading experience (Hard, since I do not have a trailer.), but this was a great start!  Just had to share this with you before this Sunday’s more formal adventure with Cooper.

Happy go lucky girl – she’s naturally curious about most things.

5 thoughts on “Bon Voyage, Valiosa!

    1. Yes, she’s doing fantastic! She really is a cutie, but then I’m partial 🙂
      It’s still unclear what color she’ll end up being. There is a possibility she’ll stay this way, and also, more likely, she’ll grey out. A few more years and it will be more obvious 🙂 Everyone who sees her has a different opinion. Dam was Blue Roan. Stallion a Grey. It’s a toss up!

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  1. It does look kind of like she is getting some dapples on her sides!! I’m curious to see how her color changes going into spring. 😀 She has the cutest face! I’m so glad she did well on her first trip out. She is such a good mare.

    Also I wanted to mention I am getting your comments on my other blog, but they are going to my email for me to approve for some reason. So if you don’t see them at first, don’t worry. They will show up when I approve them. Thanks for reading and commenting!!


    1. Ah and with the commenting, nah it’s not the approval process – I’ve had others where I’ve just given up. Seriously challenged sometimes. .. I should just have my 11 year old help 🙂


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