Morning Fog At The Farm

Low visibility.  Early morning.

The colts waiting.  Barely discernible ghosts.

Low visibility

All sound dampened.  Water dripping off the roofline, despite no rain for a few weeks now.  Self watering, at its finest.

Winter in California

Waiting for the farrier can be good. Sometimes.  Took the time to catch some images of the farm instead.  N. Cal winter – after fall, my favorite season here.

Riding the first morning shift at Starr Vaughn last weekend, it was very dark and foggy too.  But here we are, after.  The fog more like a smoke screen in the background.

Demo Ride at Starr Vaughn
Love our Valley Winter Riding!

6 thoughts on “Morning Fog At The Farm

    1. So true. But then again, I know your January weather is SO much greyer, and colder, than here… I cherish our winter here, feeling energized. Bracing myself for the inevitable deadly hot and long summers instead. Polar opposite… 🙂

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