Happy Trails

Barn visitor!

Lovely trail ride with both the blue roans last week.  Valiosa’s first ride together with another horse.

Christel came out to visit, and was kind enough to go with us on an outing.  On my bareback pad on Cooper.  That’s how nice she is!

Here she is, with both Valiosa and Cooper.

Christel with Cooper & Valiosa

She also helped out big time as our barn owner was out of town.  Thank you Christel!  You’re a Soupa’ Stahrr!!

Definitely more effective riding the green baby behind another horse.  Instead of having her wobble along on her own.  Like this…

Kind enough to never take off on me though.  Yet.  About 2 lbs more rice bran, and she’s there.

9 thoughts on “Happy Trails

    1. It’s great to get out with them – I hope you get to coordinate it with the neighbor soon. I tend to do most riding in the arena since I’m mainly only interested in dressage, but always make a point of getting the horse out on something different every week.
      With Valiosa in particular, since she’s so young – she gets to do something different every day!


    1. You’re probably asking about the bareback pad?
      This is just a little flocked, thin, synthetic thing with a girth. Nothing fancy.
      Best part of it was that I got it for free 🙂
      I’m yet to have tried it on my 4 year old…
      I wonder why 😉

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