More visitors!

Ridiculously happy to show off the baby horse.

Sure, on paper she’s an official 4-year old now, but in reality she just turned 3 1/2 this week.  Keeping her “baby” status for at least a few more months.

Valiosa in her baby bridle

This time my friend Helena came out.  Listened patiently to my endless ranting about Miss Valiosa.  And yes, we also took a really nice, cold, trail walk.  Happy days!

Nice to alter her work on the lunge with this.

Slim Shady

May all your horses tack up nicely this weekend, all boot zippers stay intact, and may your children never put small spoons in your kitchen sink garbage disposal.

Leaving you with Cooper.  Morning ride.  Looking winter fuzzy.

Not so slim shady

12 thoughts on “More visitors!

    1. HaHa – yes he has 🙂 From standing around in pasture to actually doing some dressage. Hoping to be able to turn Valiosa into a little arena star too!


    1. OK, that sounds better 🙂
      Although so far she’s got a very nice mind for her young age and hasn’t offered any severe naughtiness at all. I imagine it will be a LOT different once going under saddle in all gaits in the arena. Which will be before the end of next month. I’ll probably give her a brand new “baby status” all over again then 🙂
      It’s SO fun to be part of her riding from scratch, puts everything in a new perspective. Hope I will feel the same after managing to take her to her very first show, haha….


      1. It looks so fun, and it’s so fun following your journey! I love the slow, fun, easy progress you’re making with her.

        Yes, keep the baby card in the back pocked in case you need it for later. 😉


        1. Oops. Fingers trigger happy. Meant to say I’m happy to have checking out our little “story”, as it is being created. In a few weeks, we’ll be stepping up the pace a little bit, but I’ll always keep the fun and variety in it – offering trail outings and other stuff to break up the routine.
          That’s a big part of why I’m doing it now, early, so that it’s not something new for her later. (Just hoping she’ll be just as easy a couple of years from now Haha!)


    1. Thank you! She’s really fun to work with because she seems to genuinely enjoy all new stuff 🙂

      I have some rainboot envy from your blog post right now… Can’t justify buying them, but would really like a pair haha.

      For some reason I can’t comment there anymore ever since I short circuited my FaceBook account. Argh!


    1. I was looking at your pictures again of his “graying” process, and in the last ones he definitely looks mature in his body. Love how the muscles are setting in!
      And you can definitely see the Friesian heritage 🙂


      1. Thank you!! He is definitely, finally getting mature looking in his body and getting muscles. 😀 I can’t wait to see what Valiosa looks like once she’s five or six. She’s already gorgeous, so she’s going to be a total knock out when she’s mature. 😀


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