The Canter Chronicle: Green Horse, Part 3

Canter 3Yep, we’re still circling, cantering, and circusing.  Less circus now though.

My earlier posts on Crummy Canter have been very popular.  Happy to be of some entertainment, I give you; The Canter Chronicle:  Green Horse, Part 3.

The first post on this spectacle can be found here.  (Cantering Green Horse.)

And the second post here.  (Introducing Canter To Green Horse.)


Cooper works hard to understand the canter work.  Stuck for weeks trying to keep a decent canter coming down the long side, without losing it all.  Preferably in straightness.

Canter 2

Well, he can sort of do it now, so proud of this little guy.  Left lead, still stiff, but there.  Asking with the inside leg only works best.


Now, the transitions are better, he can keep the canter longer, sort of bend, and there’s no panic.  (OK we still panic, but he’s putting up with it.)

Almost there.  If I can do this, so can you.

All done

So, it should all take less than one year to get this part down.  Think I can do it?  Started the canter  with him in September.

11 thoughts on “The Canter Chronicle: Green Horse, Part 3

  1. Hej, vad kul att du hittade in till min blogg och jag i min tur upptäckte din blogg! Jag lovar att återkomma med utvärdering av schabraket jag beställt. Fast nu blev jag nyfiken på att veta vad du menar med dina schabrak köp som gått mindre bra?

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    1. Haha, ja men alltså det är inte särskilt lyckat bara för mig. Köper fel storlek som är för korta under sadeln. Eller ett annat, som hade wither relief men som ändå alltid lyckades ligga och trycka över manken.
      Och sedan då ett som skulle vara ash colored men some mer såg lavenderblått och inte alls särskilt sofistikerat ut.

      Nu har jag fått ge upp för ett tag…


    1. Isn’t he a cutie!? He’s not mine. Belongs to the barn. I just ride him, and have somehow decided I can turn this Western ridden horse into a low level dressage horse in just one year…
      (Aiding with the outside leg in canter on the left lead with this guy right now makes him canter on the right, or sort of bolt straight out instead. Not sure why, trying to get away from that 🙂 )

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  2. I have a three year old that I just started under saddle. Her left lead is her hard one, also! She always gets it on the short side but not the left side. Try leg yielding off your outside leg to swing his rib cage to the left then ask for it 🙂

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    1. Thanks! Never tried that one before. .. yielding for the inside leg had not helped, so perhaps I’ll give it a shot tomorrow.
      Right now I’ve started lunging before riding again . Helps with his bending

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