Another team in the making

Fridas Häst

A a wonderful Lusitano cross gelding in Southern California. He comes with his own story, not necessarily the best one to make for good riding.

He belongs to my niece – together they will make a good team, and a better story.  Can’t wait to hear some good news about the two of them!  Perhaps even later this summer.

Meanwhile, my mare continues to “grow up” just a bit, each day.  Trotted a few times on the lunge with me on top now when I had help from Marty.  Very uneventful.  Like it should be.

Winter Pasture

Check back in this weekend – have something all new and planned for this month.  Time to tell about our next fun adventure!

2 thoughts on “Another team in the making

    1. Yes, she texted me another few shots of him and her together at his new home with her now. They both look so happy!
      I really hope to be able to share a success story several months from now about them.
      We all need to read those and get inspired! 🙂


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